LOCAL IMPACT Drugs Awareness Video Presentation

On Sunday 7th of October the Just Help Foundation presented 2 events with a common theme: Young People and the Future.

keith Parry speaking about Local ImpactThe first confronted a serious issue of our time in our communities - Drug Abuse, premiering a DVD shortly to be distributed in Tameside titled "Local Impact", funded by the Big Lottery as a drugs awareness project produced by the Just Help Foundation.

The film was shot by young people from around Tameside interviewing local community figures,  representatives such as doctors, youth workers, police, families and victims of drug abuse - and themselves. The interviews were assembled into a powerful 12 minute program offering not just a real-life story of tragedy, but some insights and positive advice for those seeking help. The film, introduced by Mizanur Rahman of the Just Help Foundation was very well received by the large audience of 225 community leaders, teachers, councillors and guests present - which included several of those appearing in the interviews and volunteers from behind the scenes.

It is hoped that on distribution the video will be able to have an equal impact upon the local community at large in influencing behaviour and raising awareness of a real problem.

Mizanur Rahman would like to thank all the volunteers and Just Help members who made the event possible.

Link to more pictures of this event

Job Club Starts 3rd September

Jobclub 3rd SeptOn Monday the first session of the Just Help Jobclub started. The Club will hold  two 90min-2hour long sessions a week, one for women and one for men for the next 5 weeks. Aimed at teaching basic job-finding skills, including use of the internet the first women's session was well attended with 11 participants filling the classroom. The Club held at Just Help's offices in hyde is financed by Tameside MBC.

Jobclub Hyde The Jobclub in Session

Please Help Shorif

This is Shorif Ahmed age 5 and his dad Abdul Gaffar.

shorif in hospital with dad

Shorif is a pupil in class 1 at Harow Gram primary school. He has 3 other sisters, Mum and Dad. Shorif was born in a village called Harow Gram, Jibon Math Put, Sunamgong - Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Last year he was playing football and fell then he was injured. A year after the accident he became sick and was discovered to have cancer on his upper arm. Just 6 weeks ago his arm was amputated to save his life. Shorif is now under Dr Kholil is in sylhet Osmani Hospital's children ward and is still Ill and being treated. His family are poor and urgently need help to pay for his treatment and medication so we are appealing to you for help.

We are collecting for his treatment and will send the money to his father, Abdul Gaffur in Sylhet by the 10th September. So please donate now.

You can contact Mizanur Rahman at Just Help Foundation on O798514334.

or contact Abdul Gaffur in Bangladesh directly on O1728667OO3

Badminton Tournament Ashton, January 2012

We are holding a Badminton Tournament 16 january 2012 at Ashton Leisure Centre

for information contact Mamun on O7838168O93 or Luben,Askor or Ujjol on one of the numbers on the poster.

badminton tournament Jan 2012

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