Live TV Appeal Nov 11th

We are holding a live TV Appeal 6pm, 11th Nov on Channel S - Sky 814

Vard Hospital collaboration in Eye Camp

We have collaborated with Vard Eye Hospital who are an internationally recognized hospital in Bangladesh. They have four branches in different areas in Bangladesh and are well known for providing...

Clinic Opened May 2014

The clinic opened in May this year. Just 16 Months since building work began at the site.

167 Calls to Our April Appeal

We received 167 phonecalls from all over the UK and some additional calls from europe during our recent April 23rd Appeal on Bangla TV. We would like to thank all the donors, supporters and...

Fundraiser Wanted

Just Help Foundation Job Description: Job title: Fundraising Manager Responsible to: Chairman Department: Fundraising Main purpose of job: To maximise the generation of funds for Just Help Foundation...

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